Stream of Excrements


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First full album with 10 tracks of pure evil and madness. Listen or die!!!!!


released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


RETALIATE Joinville, Brazil

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Track Name: Dead
Groping on the floor
A filthy bastard is crawling
Crawling for his own life
The motherfucker wont survive
Baseball bat is all I need
Should I call my brothers?
I will call them... Should be fun
Bring a hammer please

Hate is my fuel
Is my only pleasure
I want to see his brain on the wall next to his balls
Cutlass on the shelves
I cut each finger
One by one...
Feeding it to my dog

With busted knees
I will torture him
Beg for your sanity

You're dead

With their busted knees
I will torture him
Beg for your sanity
I will cut your head off
With all my pride and hate
I will torture him

Until you're dead
Track Name: Silence
Shallow breath
Cold sweat

Growing pain
in the chest
mouth in blood

Loss of conscience
Deep inside
A brain clot?

I cannot smell
I cannot see
I cannot hear


Deep inside my mind I live
looking for a way to speak
I can feel people not to far
I am dead and alive...

I try to talk, i try to scream
but everything seems useless
now I suffer in silence
claiming to be dead
Track Name: Skull King
into my journey through the valley of the dead
where dark shades of people who passed out spreads
the fog embraces me with their cold breeze
flashing through the old rotten trees
descending the stairs who takes to the deep
of the swamp, where million of souls lies free
dark figures looking deep into my soul
judging all my sins and sealing my destiny

far I can see,
aproaching on speed
a mansion of dead
thousand corpses on stakes
all laughing from my fate...

when the great doors opened, I could see not to far
the master of the dead sitting on his throne
a sighing and weak voice echoes by the halls
claiming my sentence, "suffer for all the eternity"
I say "suffer you. I came to conquer"
a flash of light absorbs the soul of the skull king
the crown lies on the ground, while Pluto stands over it
crowning me the king over all dead
Track Name: Sentence is Death
The time as come, to pay my dues
my sins are strong enough to grant me the death
headsman coming close to the judge of the law
with a great axe reflexing the faces of the crown
people staring me, its the effect of my crimes
sentenced to die in front of thousand of the plebs
escorted by the mans who are paid to see me die
tied and defenseless like an animal being

thrown into the headsman block
preparing to chop my head off
my sentence is death

they put me into knees in the front a wooden block
at this time my fate is sealed, no way to running out
a kick into my back put my neck into the block
a flash of light indicates my final time

the sky turns black and the rain soon fall, thunders iluminates all the crown
slowly screams of pain start to appear the horror in their faces are the marking of my sin

the great axe falls aiming into my neck
everything begins to turns in black
i can not stand the weight of my head
who falls, into a bucket in the ground
the pain at last its something I dont know
cause It's too fast, something I can forget
its the end of a sinner and my age of horror

thrown into the headsman block
preparing to chop my head off
my sentence is death
Track Name: Stream of Excrements
Theres much torment entering by our mouths
The sludge, runs over the knife cut
Nail on the feet, cholera, disentery
Pain I never feelt before

Stream of excrements
stinks open like a wound
Stream of excrements
Water of everyday

Raft of rotten corpse
Ride in the stench, plastic cups
The pipe of shit goes through the throat
Open yourself and see what goes out of you
Track Name: Times of War
army of doom
invading the streets through
a unholy portal
cast by the antichrist
spilling the blood of innocents close
sending their souls, straight to hell

the gates are open
straight to hell
times of war

the church is on fire
demoniac faces marching on road
tearing their corpses
spilling all the blood

the gates are open
straight to hell
times of war